American Beers

Citrillo – Amarillo / Citra hopped pale ale.
Session Pale Ale – Whirlpool hopped pale ale with Simcoe and Citra hops.
Single Tap IPA – West Coast IPA featuring Nelson Sauvin hops.
Single Tap IPA 2.0 – A new take on Single Tap IPA using Citra, Amarillo, Centennial, and Sterling hops.
Single Tap IPA 3.0 – Another take on Single Tap IPA.
Parabola Clone Attempt – Clone recipe for Firestone Walker’s barrel-aged imperial stout.
Corn IPA – Lean dry IPA with a hint of corn flavor and tons of tropical hops.
Double Tap NE Style – Our take on a double IPA in the NE hazy iteration of the style.
American Red Ale – Hoppy and malty red ale. Perfect fall seasonal.

English Beers

Northern English Brown Ale – Classic example with subtle malt sweetness and great toasty character. Gold medal winner in the second round of the 2012 NHC.
Northern English Brown 2.0 – The next version of the gold medal winning brown ale.
King Henry Clone Attempt – Clone of Goose Island’s Barrel Aged English Barley Wine.
Krampus (AKA Miss Figgy) – English barely wine brewed with figs, honey, and oak.
English Bitter – Classic English session beer.

German Beers

Berliner Weisse – 100% sour mashed. Light and tart.
Berliner Weisse 2.0 – Sour Mashed with Brett (Sacc) Trois secondary.
Düsseldorf Altbier – Specialty German ale fermented cool and clean.
Doppelbock – Rich, high alcohol, incredibly bready German lager.
Eis Bock – Ice concentrated high gravity lager. 2015 NHC 2nd Round silver medal winner.
Kolsch – Crisp blond ale fermented cool and then lagered.
Rauchbier – Smoked German lager.
Spazzy Man Wheat – Hefeweizen clone for New Glarus’ Dancing Man Wheat.
Vienna Lager – Light crisp amber lager with great toasty malt backbone.
Vienna Lager 2.0
Vienna Lager 3.0

Vienna Lager 4.0
Vienna Lager 5.0

Belgian Beers

2013 Gueuze – The first component of what will eventually be a blended three-year Gueuze. Fermented with three different bug cocktails.
A Tale of Three Saisons – Three American hopped saisons, fermented with three different secondary Brett cultures.
Saison – Classic saison fermented with dual strains.
Spawn of Duvel – Inspired by Duvel, but lower alcohol.
Spawn of Duvel 2.0
Oast House Saison – A dry, tart, slightly funky saison, dry hopped with Citra and Azacca. Winner of the 2015 Westchester Farmhouse Ale Competition and brewed commercially at Yonkers Brewing Company.
Mixed Culture Hopping Saison – Bright and funky with lots of hops and lots of Brett.

Specialty Beers:

Five – Blended Strong Ale
Vanilla Milk Stout – Imperialized milk stout aged on vanilla beans.
Pumpkin Beer – Low spice, English Barley Wine base.

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